Do you feel a vitality in each step you take? Do you stride forward feeling in alignment with your true self?  Is your health an exciting and unfolding process of interacting with each changing moment?

I remember that feeling from when I was five years old, but through various life events I lost it. I spent much of my life finding ways to re-establish that deep trust in my body and my life.  Along the way, I collected and developed a tool belt full of tools for change. These tools have helped me to identify and shift the areas of my body and my life that were stuck and causing me pain.

I understand the role of a teacher and a healing practitioner to be to support YOU to grow, to heal, and to transform.  If you would like to take responsibility for change in your life and need help to understand how, I can help. If you are a healer or yoga teacher and want to learn more about supporting your clients and students to take responsibility for their health and growth, I can help.

I am a facilitator in a laboratory of self-discovery. I look forward to sharing my tools with you.

Rebekah Harbour

BSc(psychology), CMT, CZB, CYT



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